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Tudor Portraits

Sunday, 26 October 2008


The 2008 Winter Catalog is here!
I've been busy adding new books and bookmarks, gift wrap,
and very soon we'll have umbrellas and new lockets!
(More on the lockets when it's official. But an excellent Etsyian is working on these..)

Also- I'll have a booth full of goodies at the second annual Brockley Christmas fair, December 13th,
on Coulgate Street off Brockley Station. Entry is free.

Mulled wine will be available in ruddy great vats. Stalls, random goods, day long entertainment.
If you're in London, it'll be a lovely day.
You'll have a chance to snag one of the coolest Xmas Stockings I've ever seen - Handmade by my friend Samara of Maradoll.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tis The Season!

I'm back in London, huzzah!

And busy at a whole new range of treats.
This is a sneaky preview here of the new Gift Wrap line.  
More on that soon... Meanwhile- take a peak.

And the Romeo & Juliet Umbrella will be in stock this season.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hello, Warsaw!

Big news!

Currently I'm in Warsaw, Poland working on Ozumi Films next feature film as the Production Designer.

So..there'll be pics and updates as we go.. but it's very fun and challenging- some things that have never been done before on film! All top secret, of course.

More to come...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Headache Solutions

My "Headache" ball point pen sketch had been featured in a blog by Sweet Honey Life.
It's actually quite a useful guide for headache help as well. Check it out - and her jewelry on Etsy.

This one was done in a cafe in Berlin in 2002. It's a favorite of mine, though it's just a rough-twitchy kind of sketch. Feels like the inside of a headache to my mind.

It's in my alternative Etsy shop Schuchy- where I stick my darker, simpler, and non-Shakespearean bits.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Buttons Are Coming!

These just in!

Handmade for me by Etsy artist Jean of Buttondivas,
there's 33 wee designs tested out. She did a wonderful job- really attentive to design detail and made sure they came out just right.
Can't wait to see these in packs!

My favorites are the gothic windows ones.
I feel like a kid with the big bag of these! They'll be in the shop soon..

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

SPRING 2008 Catalogue

It's here!
My new Spring 2008 Product Guide
featuring all of our new product lines.

There's leatherbound Soliloquy Journals by UK artisan Whitehide
Shakespeare Pendants by glamorous jewelry designer Jennifer Rydin
Wallets by fabulous Refabulous

And much more!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Help Fight Breast Cancer - Cymbeline Donation Print

Now in my Etsy shop, you'll find I'll have a steady listing that's a donation to
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Print features the devoted Queen Imogen, from Shakespeare's romance "Cymbeline"

Purchase of this print gives 25.00 to the foundation.
(That means Immortal Longings donates the whole purchase price including the shipping cost to the foundation. You'll get a copy of the foundation's receipt confirming the donation.)

It's one of my regular large, high quality prints, at a discounted price (to encourage buyers)
and the first donation has just sold, hurrah!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Often I'm asked how I go about making the Shakespeare pieces, so here we go!

HOW I DID THAT: Assignment 1- Merry Wives Woodcut

This weekend I had an assignment: creating a new piece for the Shakespeare Series with a special challenge- it had to look a bit like an old woodcut with a modern graphic feel.

Featuring a scene from "The Merry Wives of Windsor": ( a play written by request of Queen Elizabeth, who wished to see Falstaff in love) in which the jolly old swine has been tricked by moonlight in a garden. Hordes of children dressed as fairies attack him instead of the tryst he'd hoped for...

So, I started with a very rough sketch of the layout of the scene. I wanted it to be square overall with a round focus around the moon and Falstaff. The fairies could circle around, and then trees could embellish the garden-y box to frame the scene.
Here's the first (thumbnail) rough draft, the kind of thing I usually sketch on a bus or train when I first get the idea:

Next step is to take some tracing paper and fill in finer detail. You notice the little crosses outside the picture- those are where I align the tracing paper. In the tracing, I use a compass to lay out the moon, and then I begin to make the trees more graceful. With another sheet, I begin to play with and firm up where the fairies will be placed
After that, I needed some practice drawing Putti- style fairies, as I hadn't drawn cherurbs in quite some time. I also started looking for clues in woodcut research as to how to go about making the details, shading and stars.

Usually I just do an Art Nouveau-Mucha style outline and paint in details after, so this was to be a little different. I love all the detail in the old woodcut you see here, but the final might be printed on rough fabric, so I'd need to keep details fatter and more simplified.

From there, I scanned the rough drawings, adjusted in photoshop to make them faint lines, printing them out lightly so could clean up the details and finalize the background in pencil.

With the finished background pencils in place, I scanned and printed that out very lightly to begin the character sketching on. In photoshop, I layer the drawings together with various transparency to show all the linework.

Since I'd be doing the black inking with a fat marker to simulate woodcutting, I didn't work too delicately in the character pencils. Using ideas from my Putti sketches, and an old drawing of Falstaff I'd done, I fill in faces and costumes, with good ideas for light and shadow.

On a separate sheet of paper, I begin to ink a copy of the background with a few different
sizes of permanent marker. At this point, it starts to look like the final drawing.

Back in photoshop, I'll slap that pencil lightly on top the nice finished ink background, print it out, and finish it off with marker.

Now, I don't always use this many scans-and edit- and print layers, but this drawing had a lot of detail to track, and I prefer to print out a copy and paint/ink, rather than ruining a good original pencil sketch. The tracing paper is something I've relied on since my scenic drafting days in college and on the advice of our instructor Joe Nieminski, who traced and had incredibly neat drawings.

And then after inking on the character pencils, we have the final drawing, which I brought into photoshop one last time to make the black/white contrast perfect, and to use a hint of the Cutout filter, which does a very nice job of making my marker look less fluid and more carved.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Romance in the Making at Immortal Longings:

Introducing the Romeo & Juliet Scarf!

It's my first fabric design, this lovely silk piece features my best selling image of Romeo & Juliet in a last embrace.

The shop's all loved-up for the Holiday. There's a VALENTINES Section with a selection of famous courting couples, Romeo Journals and more to get you started.

We've got new
Shakespeare Love Quote prints as well. A Quote Series will be developing from these, so watch for more soon.

Spread the Love.