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Friday, 27 March 2009

From the wings: The New Opera Series

Opening in NYC this week, at the Metropolitan Opera:A special production of Wagner's complete Ring Cycle, and with it, the launch of my latest illustration series.  

The Metropolitan Opera, with its grand stages and modern sparkle, is a thrilling venue.  
And I've designed an exclusive new range just for the Met Shop: featuring the Ring Cycle in four Illustrations. 


It was great challenge, and I'm looking forward to adding more Opera to my rep. 
(Okay, I'd been covertly studying operas and planning this for several years now. ) Wagner gives you buckets of imagery and metaphor to pick from, so the difficult bit was deciding where to start.

Below is a sneak preview of the designs and goodies.  
These will only be available through the Met's Gift Shop, and it's a lovely place to visit.  
(If your not in NY, you can find them online, or call 212-580-4090.)

From Wagner's Der Ring Aus des Nibelungen
Inspired by Art Nouveau, with modern license.

Framed inside the golden Ring is Freia, 
the Goddess of youth and beauty.  
To preserve her services in Valhalla, the gods seek out the Ring that will shape their own demise.

The lovely daughters of Wotan assemble on a high mountain, in a moment of leisure before their famous ride. Their task is to escort fallen heroes to the realm of the gods.  One of these Valkyries, Brunnhilde, will defy her father and be punished for her brazen behavior.

The young hero, Siegfried, born of the children of Wotan, defeats a dragon and captures the Ring. After braving enchanted fire, he finds a warrior asleep and cuts away the armour, revealing Brunnhilde's feminine form.  She will awake in a moment and meet the eyes of her beloved hero.

Destruction and rebirth herald the end of an age.  In the sky, flames from the funeral pyre of Siegfried will consume Valhalla.  It is the end  of the gods, and discarded weapons and armour of heroes sink to the bottom of the Rhine.  In the
 overflowing river, the Ring is restored to the Rhinemaidens in triumph.

These designs appear on Prints & Cards, Bookmarks & Leather bound journals by artisan Whitehide, Buttons, Magnets & Mirrors by the constantly fabulous ButtonDivas.  Silk Scarves are on their way as well.

Not to put the Bard on the back burner, there will be new designs for spring, coming soon.


  1. Brilliant! I came across your work a couple of years back at the Globe in London and fell completely in love with it. Exciting new project you have going on!

  2. Your link should be (it currently redirects to a 404 page on what appears to be a social program website).