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The artwork is created by designer Elizabeth E. Schuch, working with local artisans in the UK and Society6 in the USA to produce gifts. Elizabeth has worked with Shakespeare's Globe, The Metropolitan Opera, The Seattle Opera, The Royal National Theatre, The Guthrie Theater, and other venues around the world to create illustrations based in the world of drama.

Tudor Portraits

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sneak Preview: The Tudor Portraits

Coming Soon, inspired by Shakespeare's "Henry VIII", I'm drawing a series of portraits based on the key players in the Tudor Court.  
Using historical portraits of the period as reference, I am using my ink and crosshatch style for the first images.

Preview Below:
Partial Detail of Anne Boleyn

Spring Special In Store

To celebrate Spring, and the brilliant start of the year,
Every customer who buys an Art Print gets a lovely 2010 Shakespeare Calendar for FREE!
Offer good from 23rd March until Shakespeare's Birthday (the 23rd of April).

Art Prints are printed on high quality printmaking paper using Canon inks.
All of my Shakespeare illustrations, and a selection of romantic Quotes are available as Art Prints.

The 2010 Shakespeare Calendar

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Acrylic Series: A Cuppa

When I happened upon some mini-canvases at the art store this winter, I decided to take up my old acrylic painting habit.  

Acrylic is not popular with everyone. One of my art teachers hated acrylics with passion:"it's like trying to paint with bubble gum!"

Acrylic was what we were taught with back in school- because it was inexpensive.  And I'd gotten used to it, and continued painting with it a long time precisely because it's cheap.
And because it dries fast. I'm admittedly impatient about drying time.  Well, okay, and because gouache just never really did it for me. Gouache doesn't have the clear and pretty tones of watercolour/inks, nor the body of acrylic, and it just dissolves when you try to layer it up. Though, perhaps that was due to my lack of patience, too.

So throughout my design training, I'd stuck to my lumpy acrylics.  I'd thin then into fake watercolour, and thicken them into fake oils. 

But after these past few years mostly dedicated to ink and watercolours (with the exception of making props or random murals), I have to admit, it's trickier now to handle the old bubble gum. It's still fun though!

Wanting to pay tribute to the delightful tea tradition here in in the UK, I'm made my own take on a cuppa. I adore a good cup of tea. 

The painting itself is all in acrylic, with a few helpful drops of Encre Sennelier ink in the background to boost the yellow background colour.

As for the biscuit, it's just a bit of fun.
I will be picking up oils at some point, when I decide my patience can handle it.

Monday, 15 March 2010

News Buzz!

Immortal Longings made the Etsy Finds list today!
The article was based on a Shakespeare theme, of course, and filled with inspired goodies.

You can check it out here.
Exciting stuff!

And Happy Ides of March...