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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dispense With Trifles: Shakespeare Photographic Series & Poetic Musings

In celebrating the World Shakespeare year in London, Immortal Longings has brought together a team of artists to recreate some of Shakespeare's most captivating characters set into unique locations around the newly Royal borough of Woolwich.

Photography: Theo Albanis 
Poetry: A.E. Montana
Costumes: Anami Tara Shucart
Art Direction: Elizabeth E. Schuch
Photography Assistant: Tina Mammoser

Models: Hannah Tompkins, Lexie Lambert, Zoot Lynam, Christine J Kim, Katya Ralph


The night grows dim, for me and
While waiting for the signs, to be certain I am right,
I find myself wondering what this foul mood is 
That has come to overwhelm my senses –
The clarity that I had once, young and free
Of the sinister deeds tarnishing my history,
Has disappeared, in favor of this smoky film
Which clouds my eyes and grieves my heart
With terrible images in the dark:
Where has the truth gone, in this nightmare?
Whenever I think I have begun to grasp
The verity of my perspective, I am distracted
By the trivial pursuits of bumbling fools.
So I shall set forth to find the answers, 
Knowing there must be more to the tale – and hence,
Secrets to unravel, before the hour is too late
For justice to prevail and the guilty meet their fate.

Miranda, The Tempest

Woke from a dream, in which 
My dear father and I were royal citizens;
Only to find that what I dismissed was indeed the truth –
And though then we had fortune, now here are we held,
Separate from all that once we knew, and compelled 
To isolation, apart from the foul creature 
Servicing our survival in this strange confinement.
And lo! I witnessed a tempest on the shore,
That roiled and tossed in fury, as if to break down the doors
Of hell, ‘till it tired of its rage
And brought the bones of a dying ship to rest
Not far from where I stood, surveying the scene in horror:
And came thence from this mess, a figure, 
Gentle but strong, and upright in manner.
How swiftly does this heart of mine now move,
To grow closer to thee, my spectre of love!

Cordelia, King Lear

To whom honesty comes naturally,
Shall they bear consequence most unnatural:
For only to express my love towards that King
Who did thus bear me into being,
I had nothing but the strong words
And the conviction burning in my heart.
Hence, he decreed me unfit for inheritance,
And sent me far off, with whatever husband would wed me –
Why did he desire thus, to treat me so unfairly?
And yet, despite all inclination to the contrary,
I love him still. So my loyalty shall remain,
Until such a time as he grows to love me again;
Here I wander, in this maze
Of treachery and treason and dishonesty and disdain
That my sisters, evilly bent, have swiftly built 
In their spite for the foolish monarch who gave 
Them everything, unwittingly furthering their masquerades of loyalty.
This has thence become his demise. So shall I
Rush to his rescue, though he considers me not,
And remain his salvation, ‘till the end of this plot?

Portia, The Merchant of Venice

So tired was my father, of the foolishness of men,
That he devised a wager to weed out the weakest of them.
Whence Bassanio, knowing the risk, dared choose
The fateful casket that sealed his hand to mine –
And of this, I am for the most part, content
To associate with his presence, though he is far 
From being convicted of perfection.
Thus determining our married status,
He left briefly, to settle those terms
That had caused him to come to my suit;
And I, wishing for amusement in his absence, 
Slipped into the situation, undiscovered,
While my accomplice and handmaid helped deepen the scheme.
We swaggered and boasted our way into reasoning
The pardon of one merchant, whose generosity had enabled my wedding.
Oh, clever scales of wit and quick delivery!
Thou hast given us all a fair time 
And made all the persons in this plight end up happily.

Ophelia, Hamlet

Oh! That the affectations I received became truth –
This is all I wished for.
But fate had other determinations
And I’ve blundered and wandered my way to this river,
As the days past repeat over again in my tortured head:
There is no rest for the grief that has broken
My heart, and sorrowed my sight.
Whence shall I continue, if I am not loved in return?
The homage I have paid is no longer cared for, or encouraged –
And thus I have wasted all my time,
Longing for acknowledgement that failed 
To be equally important to the one whom I sought it from.
There is no meaning of mine left to speak of.
The world has become bleak, and I sense
That the end of this mess is dawning as the dawn approaches. . .

All Images Copyright Theo Albanis & Immortal Longings 2012.  

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